We function best as an active partner in planning, developing, and implementing your communications strategy. Use our services exclusively or complement your own resources in the following areas:

Business Development

Strategic counseling and planning

Mission statement and message development

Corporate, product and market positioning

Corporate positioning

Institutional targeting

Strategic alliances

Product introductions

Media relations

Press tours

New executives and key personnel

Mergers and acquisitions

Market and industry overviews

Corporate and product fact sheets


Executive profiles

Visibility opportunities

Editorial calendars

Trade shows

Online public relations/promotions

Press conferences

Analyst and press briefings

Corporate parties and events

Media training

Qualitative and quantitative research

Competitive or customer analyses

Focus groups

Video and audio news releases

Satellite media tours

Satellite news conferences

Videoconferences and public service announcements

Broadcast services

Event planning and management

Corporate Branding

It's a Whole New World...

A fundamental change is taking place in the way we communicate-- mass media, newspapers, magazines, television and radio -- are being joined by a new medium, on-line communications. A touch of a keyboard reaches vast audiences instantaneously. Think of it as a virtual door into people's homes and businesses. Conversations can take place. Messages can be fine-tuned, customized and delivered to thousands, or to an audience of one. It's a new world, one that poses new challenges and requires new skills.

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